Are there monsters amongst us?

Wayne Stringer, an ex-cop, is New Zealand’s Nazi Hunter. He secretly investigated 47 “displaced persons” who originally came to New Zealand at the end of WWII.

This film interweaves his secret year-long investigation with the story of his prime suspect — an elderly North Shore man who had been a machine gunner in the “mobile murder unit” responsible for the killing of thousands of Eastern European Jews in Holocaust.

Stringer travelled to the Baltic States where he was given access to war records held for years in KGB archives safely behind the Iron Curtain and visited the killing grounds in Lithuania and Belarus. He also linked in with war crimes investigators from other countries.

The film poses the question: as a result of the investigation into suspected Nazi war criminals, has New Zealand become a more or less safe place for modern era war criminals looking for a bolt hole?

Genocide is still occurring in all sorts of places around the world. That’s why this film is important.

Wayne Stringer